Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Third Wheel?

Third Wheel is an online mobile application for two wheelers repair and maintenance service that promises to instantly ease your bike/scooter maintenance troubles. We’re your one-stop shop for servicing, repair and maintenance of your bike along with pick-up and delivery at your doorstep.

2. What all details do I need to provide to place an order?

You have to provide your location, type of service, bike company, bike model, date of booking and your mobile number to place an order through our app.

3. What kind of services can we get from ThirdWheel?

You can have online booking for periodic servicing, repairs, puncture,emergency breakdown and many more. Apart from this, you can also ask our service center representative for more information.

4. How can I login for the first time?

On clicking “Sign In” link, you see an option as “Register”. You can sign up by entering your email ID and creating a password.

5. What is my user-id and password to login?

Your user-id is your email ID which you have registered and password is the one you have created during sign up.

6. What if I forget my login password?

You can click on forgot password. A password setup link will be sent to your email ID. Enter it and reset your password.

7. I would like to avail pickup and delivery of bike. How can I do it?

Yes, you can. On scheduling the service, your bike will be picked up by our delivery executives, from your mentioned address in the profile and once service is done, it will be delivered at your doorstep.

8. My bike is break-down. What should I do?

You can update the information while placing your order in the service/repair comments.

9. Do you do doorstep servicing?

No. We take the bike or scooter at your doorstep and get the bike serviced at our own service center. However, in case of number plate and other minor fixing, we do provide doorstep servicing too.

10. What documents are required from my end at the time of bike pickup?

We require the following documents :

1. Vehicle Registration Certificate.

2. Valid Driving License. (Optional)

11. Will I be charged extra for this online booking other than the servicing/repair costs?

No. The rates charged by the service center for the servicing/repairs are passed on to you for the payment. However, we charge a minimal convenience fee apart from the service costs, which has to be paid at the time of delivery against the invoice.

12. How & When can I make the payment?

You can make the payment either online system or through cash on delivery to our executive who comes to deliver your bike.

13. Can I cancel a service order?

Yes. You can cancel the order before going into the process, but when it went into the process you can’t cancel the order. However, in case of emergency breakdown cancellation option is not available.

14. Will Third Wheel be responsible for the quality of service?

YES!. the quality guaranteed by thirdwheel for servicing but as far as the parts concern that are guaranteed by different vendors like Yamaha, Honda , Hero etc

15. Can I trust the service center?

Yes, you can. We work at our own service center which are reliable. Also our mechanics are well trained and specialized.

16. When will the final prices be provided?

The final prices will be provided after the repairs/servicing has been done. This will be updated to you by our service executive via call or message before the delivery of the vehicle.

17. Will my bike be delivered on the same day?

On the day delivery will be possible only in the case of general servicing without any repairs and if the load at the service center is reasonable on that particular day. If the order has been placed for repairs or in case of any requirement of spare parts, your bike will be delivered the next day.

18. My bike is in breakdown condition. Will I get the same day delivery?

We will try everything in our potential to make the same day delivery for your bike. But it all depends on the condition of your bike and the repairs your bike will incur.

19. How could I subscribe the subscription packages?

You will subscribe the packages by choosing from the options of the subscription package. Subscription packages will be available in the Pre-Paid basis. Once you subscribe the packages, you can’t cancel and also no refund will be available.

20. How do I contact ThirdWheel customer service?

You can call us by clicking Talk to Representative section in our app. Sat-Sun 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

21. Can i place order for servicing request, If I have free servicing coupon ?

Yes, you can. In this case you scheduling the emergency service, your bike will be picked up by our delivery executives, from your mentioned address in the profile and once service is done, it will be delivered at your doorstep.

22. Why is for Emergency Service ?

Well !!!, Emergency service is for those who want their bike service instantly and there is no queue. Also those people who already had servicing offer from other service centers but don't have time for make their bike serviced, could ask for emergency service and our service representative do that for you and takes charge just for his service.

23. Do you provide services on number plates of bike or scooter?

Yes, We do. You can contact us on 01-6201553 for more information about service and its rate.

24. What are the additional services available?

Other services are: helmet cleaning, bike accesories, number plates, blue book renewal (available for four-wheelers as well) etc.

25. Do i need to verify my phone number to service request?

No, you just skip phone number validation and book your service request.

26. Do you deliver bike accessories outside valley too?

No. For now, We only deliver inside valley. Soon we will be starting outside valley too.

27. I get my bike servicing on particular date and on the same date I ordered some bike accessories. Do I need to pay Pick up and Delivery charge differently for both service?

No. In case you get bike serviced and product order on same time, we won't be charging pick up and delivery charge differently. For both service, you'll be charged only once.